Latest Anarkali Suits Design Trends for Girls in 2021, You Must Try | Indian Anarkali Dress Ideas

Latest Anarkali Suits Design Trends for Girls in 2021

2021 Latest Anarkali Suits Designs 

Latest Anarkali Suits Design Trends for Girls in 2021: It is no secret that the Anarkali suits have been and perhaps will be a favorite of Indian women and girls for many years. And why shouldn’t it be? Beautiful, glamorous, feminine, delicate, and elegant, the Anarkali is the culminating perfection of all the best qualities of the Indian woman. Besides, it is the one thing, apart from the saree, that looks stunning on absolutely anyone who wears it, irrespective of age or built.

So what are some of the latest Anarkali designs that left all of us both speechless with awe and green with envy? Let’s take a look.

  1. The White Detailed Anarkali
  2. The Gown Effect
  3. The Layered Anarkali Suit
  4. The Golden Embroidered Anarkali
  5. The Sleeveless Anarkali Suits design
  6. The All Black Anarkali Suit with Lace Sleeves

The White Detailed Anarkali

Wearing a complete white Anarkali suit is a sure way to grab everybody’s attention. However, white on white details can tend to be a little difficult to carry off. But our girl celebrities here are proving everybody wrong with this stunningly detailed white on white Anarkali suit. Beads, delicate embroidery, sequins, textured fabrics. There is nothing that is not loveable about this pretty-pretty red carpet outfit.

The Gown Effect

The year 2021 saw the rise of Anarkali Gowns. Surely, the trend is catching on, and the stunning Bollywood celebrities are apparently not immune to its charms. We are loving this look and this elegant and regal Anarkali style.

The Layered Anarkali Suit

Layered Anarkalis and Jacket Style Anarkalis are just as unique and fun as they are daring. But carrying them off is a difficult task, due to their bulkiness. However, the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor, Athiya Shetty, and Sonakshi Sinha are not only carrying off this beautifully designed layered Anarkali suit but are making all of us want to go out and buy ourselves one right away.

The Golden Embroidered Anarkali

White and gold is a classic combination, as is evident from this eye-grabbing Anarkali suit design sported by the lovely Konkona Sen Sharma. This Rohit Bal creation of white and gold is a thing of feminine dignity and elegance which is quite enviable. Golden, as we all know, is the color of royalty and power. Therefore, paired with clothing like an Anarkali suit, it is a sight to behold.

The Sleeveless Anarkali Suits design

Full-sleeved Anarkali suit designs are all the craze right now. Yes, they are elegant, but have you ever given thought to the concept of sleeveless Anarkali suits? As unbelievable as it sounds, they can be just as beautiful and attention-grabbing. For instance, Sonam, in her beautiful sleeveless short Anarkali suits paired with a Patiala not only steals our attention but also our hearts. What wouldn’t each of us give to look like her!

The All Black Anarkali Suit with Lace Sleeves

2021 saw a great deal of black Anarkali suit designs, particularly among celebrities at red carpet events. While black still remains one of the most favored colors among celebrities, Karishma Kapoor, in this Manish Malhotra-designed black signature Anarkali suit shows us exactly how it is done. Constructed in multilayers with the most delicate of chiffon, this is the one dress that women all over the world will covet.

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